Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Michael Jackson Jazz Cover From 1988

Alright everyone, it is time for 'Raf's Thrift Store Find of The Week'.

The records in my collection have come from a lot of different places over the years. Some come from vintage record shops, some from e-bay, others are inherited from basement cleaners who know I like vinyl. But my favorite way to hunt for records is at thrift shops and garage sales.

There is just something fun about going through a big pile of possibilities. More often than not, when browsing through thrift store records, one has to weed through a ton of garbage to find that one gem. But when you find it, it's a rush.

Some of my favorite records in my collection are thrift store finds. And best of all, all lp's are only a buck. I will often roll the dice on an artist I am unfamiliar with for a dollar. The result is some great finds.

Todays track comes from a group called Members Only. I knew nothing about this group when I found the record on Monday; All I knew was that the black sticker on the twenty-year old shrink wrap said "Featuring The Smash Michael Jackson Song". That was enough for me.

The album is called "The Way You Make Me Feel" and is from the year 1988. Based on the cover, I assumed it was some small-time R&B/Soul artist, maybe in the 80's style of Teena Marie or Donna Summer.

As it turned out, the album was Jazz Fusion. Not exactly my style, but fun to have an obscure Michael Jackson cover. The original song was on Michael's 1987 album "Bad".

The sax solos are from a jazz musician named Nelson Rangell, who has gone on to have a pretty decent solo career. His sound sort of reminds me of David Sanborn, which is much better than sounding like Kenny G (Sanborn's 1982 album "As We Speak" is a favorite).

Anyway, here it is. Michael Jackson's 'The Way You Make Me Feel' by Members Only. Click the link to enjoy.

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