Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Brothers Johnson Come Together in 1976

I'm enjoying the 70's soul theme of the last few posts, so lets just stick with it. Why ruin a good thing with some New-Wave pop from the 80's or some classic rock? Maybe if I could combine classic rock and soul music? Yeah, that's the ticket. We'll try that.

Today's song is a recent acquisition. Last week during my return journey from out of town, I passed through Boise, Idaho; which to me means a visit to 'The Record Exchange'. 'The Record Exchange' is a great music store which still caries a lot of vinyl. There must not be too many vinyl collector's in that town because whenever I go, I always find some great albums.
The record I found last week was the debut album from the 70's funk and soul group The Brothers Johnson. The album is 'Look Out For #1' and it's from 1976. The Brothers Johnson were actual brothers who got their start playing in rhythm sections for artists like Billy Preston and Bobby Womack. Eventually they connected with super producer Quincy Jones who helped them create their sound and produce some of the best funk albums of the 1970's.

Today's track from that first album is a cover of the classic Beatles song "Come Together". In my opinion, you can never go wrong with an R&B version of a Beatles song. "Come Together" is an John Lennon penned tune from the classic 1969 album 'Abbey Road'. The famous album cover that created the legend of Paul McCartney being dead. I'm not sure if I see it.

So here it is. The Brothers Johnson singing "Come Together" from 1976. Click the link for some fun.

P.S. Hey blog followers! Let me know what you think of the site so far. Also, please make some suggestions as to some artists you might want to see featured on the blog. Thanks!

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  1. Dalan
    This was a great pleasure, please keep it up.
    Here are my 'comments' and report; after listening to all of your vinyl postings to date:

    a - It would be interesting to see what artists you have in vinyl who sing one of these 'moon' songs (Old Devil Moon, or Moonlight in Vermont);
    b - More tracks of Bill Withers that are not from his Lean on Me album;
    c - More hidden tracks of Michael Jackson;
    d - More unpublished Smile tracks of Beach Boys;
    e - Bad News - by the time I went to open up Paul McCartney, 2 tracks of Bruce Springsteen, Members Only, and Stevie Wonder (all of which sounded really interesting) the web site was closed on these tracks. Can you put them back on?
    f - Suggestion for future vinyl songs - one of your favorites from: Bob Dylan (I just watched the movie, I'm Not There); Booker T and MGs; Blue Magic, Dave Mathews and Eric Clapton (I'll stop for now at the letter 'E').
    Again, thanks for your efforts, well worth it for me.