Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stevie Wonder And Michael Jackson Get It (1987)

Well, creating this site yesterday was so fun, I just can't stay away.

Still thinking and listening to Michael Jackson a lot, so I thought I would share a kind of obscure track on which he sings. Today's track comes from Stevie Wonder's 1987 album called "Characters" where the most notable song was probably 'Skeletons'. The album is not really up to par with some of Wonder's earlier works like "Songs In The Key Of Life" in 1977 or even "Innervisions" in 1973, but still worth a listen.

This album was part of his post-'I Just Called To Say I Love You' period, where many of his songs were hit and miss. That being said, a Stevie Wonder album is a lot like pizza, even when it is not great, it is still pretty good.

Today's track is called 'Get It' and is one of the lesser known Michael Jackson duets out there. It is also the second time that he and Stevie Wonder collaborated, with the first being the 80's anthem 'We Are The World (USA For Africa)'.

Anyway, check out Wonder & Jackson on 'Get It'. Just click the link below.



  1. Can you say 1980s? And always enigmatic - what is someone going to get? It's a little unclear.

  2. Kirse--It's obvious. They're getting "it".